Job Vacancy

January 12, 2024

Job vacancy for Data Nerds

In today's Super Chat, we will let you explore fantastic job opportunities! Whether you're a professional or just starting, these positions let you grow, learn, and make a big impact.

Before we begin, if you're someone who loves to gather real-time performance metrics, and visualize data by creating visual dashboards effortlessly for informed decision-making, then hit EARLY ACCESS if you haven't already.

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Ready to level up in your career? If you're a recent graduate, a student looking for internships, or a professional seeking new challenges, we've got you covered. Our curated selection includes Internships, Starter Gigs, and full-time job listings across various fields. Get ready for an exciting career adventure!

Internship Opportunities:

1. Deep thought 

🔸Job Role: Data science intern

🔸Location: Hyderabad

Apply Here

2. Bear Hugs

🔸Job Role: Business Analytics

🔸Location: work from home

Apply Here

3. Menlo park lab

🔸Job Role: ML research intern

🔸Location: Work from home

Apply Here

4. HealthFlex

🔸Job Role: IoT And Data Science Intern

🔸Location: Bangalore

Apply Here

5. Microsoft

🔸Job Role: Data Analyst intern

🔸Location: Hyderabad/Secunderabad

Apply Here

Full Time Opportunities:

1. Fiserv

🔸Job Role: Data Analyst

🔸Location: Thane, Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai

Apply Here

2. Deloitte

🔸Job Role: Learning Administrator data analyst

🔸Location: Hyderabad, Telangana 

Apply Here

3. Rotork

🔸Job Role: Data analyst 

🔸Location: Chennai

Apply Here

4. Amazon

🔸Job Role: Business analyst

🔸Location: Bangalore

Apply Here

5. Solana NFT Data Scientist

🔸Job Role: Data scientist

🔸Location: Remote

Apply Here

6. Deutsche Bank

🔸Job Role: Data scientist

🔸Location: Pune

Apply Here

Best of Luck❤

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