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Ask ad-hoc queries on your data in english

Run dynamic SQL query by asking english questions.
Accurate AI add-on for your static Tableau Dashboards.
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Super Charge your teams with DATA

Over burdened Analyst trying to prioritise data requests

1-3 weeks delay in reports makes data lose relevancy quick for the business

100s of static dashboards no one knows how to reuse

Super AI enables you to ask Natural Language Questions on Dashboard and Data Warehouse with row-level security - no coding needed

Enable non-tech & non-SQL folks to explore enterprise data

Do you have an ad-hoc data query?

Unblock 1000s o adhoc reporting vs one person maintaing just the catalogues 100s of users

43% of users download data from dashboards to MsExcel to run their own analysis. Is anyone worried about data governance?

You have built anywhere between 400-6000 dashboards to cater each team, that's 70% of the job analytics team is stuck with.

We are building Super AI in good company

Are you waiting for Data?
Check next week, analyst is working on other ad-hoc data requests in the queue

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Super AI
Unblocks your Data

SQL depiction
Never write SQL again This is trained to convert your questions to code so you dont have to
Efficient data Visualization
AI identifies the best suited chart for your question, so no drag and drop for you
Lightening Fast
Its very very fast. Dont worry if meeting starts in just few minutes
True Natural Language
That's true, speak like you are asking a colleague, it will understand
Collaborate with team
Invite teams to look at your dashboard and chime in to improve it
Row-Level Security
Set onetime security and let anyone ask questions based on their roles
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Go from Web to Mobile
without loosing context, we know that the world is now remote and so is your data now
Finds Anomalies
Nothing in your data will go unnoticed with SuperAI analyzing it
Unlimited Users
Weather you have a big team or a small one they can all have their own access

Super AI
Unblocks your Data


Aren't you a curious one ;)

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What is Super AI?

Super AI is a modern data platform that helps you answer ad-hoc questions from your data, faster.
Its a ZeroSQLTM platform that creates a highly optimise SQL query for each Natural Language question you ask on your data and analyses it for you to give you best fit visualisation. You can create data stories in minutes instead of weeks.

Do you have access to my data?

All data uploaded on Super AI is 100% private unless you share your data story with someone or decide to publish it in free public version.

Can I use my own data warehouse?

Absolutely. You can use any of the following data warehouses with single click access, and we are constantly adding more.
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Do I need to train Super AI with questions?

No, it creates an optimal SQL query dynamically whenever you ask a natural language question.

Can I use Super AI with Slack?

Yes you can, and a bunch of other productivity apps that you use daily. We don't you to keep switching apps for your questions. You can add Super AI to these apps.

Do you replace Tableau?

No, we don't replace tableau or any other legacy BI tool. Super AI is a ad-hoc data query mechanism on your existing data investments. You can add Super AI to your Tableau dashboards.

Do you need any BI Tool to work?

No, we don't. Super AI connects with your data warehouse to answer queries directly.
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