December 1, 2023

Best Platforms to learn Business Analytics

Want to learn about business analytics? We've got you covered! Discover the best platforms with us, whether you're just starting or want to get better. Let's make business analytics easy and exciting together!

Business Analytics is a big field with lots of things to learn and different jobs you can do. Every kind of business needs people who understand data to help them make decisions. Most analysts studied business, math, or statistics, but if you work hard on your own, you can be successful in this field even without a professional degree. Nowadays, you can find lots of free business courses online, and many of them are about analytics. There are options for all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced analyst.  This blog post is your guide to learn business analytics for free. 

Best Platforms to learn Business Analytics in 2024

📺YouTube Channels


Subscribers: 29.4K

BA Blocks on YouTube is a valuable resource for aspiring Business Analysts, offering diverse content, including insightful discussions on interviews, educational material focusing on essential skills, and general career advice. This channel stands out with videos exploring fundamental concepts and distinctions between business analysis and analytics. The casual presentation increases engagement.

BA BLOCKS! Business analytics playlists

2. Cody Baldwin

Subscribers: 77.3K

If you want to learn a bit about Business Analysis and general data stuff, Cody Baldwin's channel is perfect. He teaches things like using Excel, understanding Lean Six Sigma's 5S, and basic introduction to Pareto charts. The course is good if you like learning various things, rather than just one thing in detail.

Cody Baldwin Business analytics playlists

3. The Prefect BA

Subscribers: 60.2K

Whether you're starting a career or looking to enhance your skills, this channel offers valuable insights, covering essential skills like SQL programming, JIRA, and Agile approaches crucial for all Business Analysts.

The Perfect BA Business analytics playlists

4. Angelo the BA

Subscribers: 17.2K

With a vast collection of Business Analysis videos covering various topics such as basics of BA, tips for BA interview preparation , this channel offers both expertise and clarity in presentations. It's an excellent go-to for quick and straightforward BA content.

Angelo the BA Business analytics playlists

Online Courses

GTx: Data Analytics for Business | edX

Duration: 6 weeks

Skill level: Beginner

Certificate : Optional certificate of completion for a fee

The course introduces data analytics principles for business, helping  learners in making informed decisions, developing analytical skills, and understanding analysis techniques.

6. Business analytics with Excel | Simplilearn

Duration: 35 hours

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate 

Certificate : Optional certificate of completion for a fee

The course focuses on training learners with the skills to conduct data analysis using Microsoft Excel. It highlights using Excel for business data analysis, enhancing analytical skills and understanding data analysis techniques.

7. Business Analytics Specialization | Coursera

Duration: 7 months

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate 

Certificate : Optional certificate of completion for a fee

The course is designed to help participants develop analytical skills, gain insights into data analysis techniques, and learn how to use various analytics tools and software.

8. Business analysis foundation| Linkedin Learning 

Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes

Skill level: Beginner

Certificate : Optional certificate of completion for a fee



This website is your one stop destination for learning anything related to data and business analytics.It provides a variety of information and free resources ranging  from project ideas to roadmaps to free learning platforms to current job openings  in one place. Consider it as your non -tech career guide to get started in this field.

10. Towards Data Science-Medium

Towards Data Science is a Medium publication that covers a broad spectrum of data-related topics, including business analytics. The platform features articles, tutorials, and case studies contributed by industry professionals, making it a hub for knowledge sharing.

11. Kaggle

Kaggle is not only a platform for data science competitions but also an excellent resource for learning and collaboration. The kernels section contains code snippets and walkthroughs related to business analytics, allowing you to learn from real-world projects.


12. Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide provides a foundation for the practical application of business analysis

This book is a helpful guide for business analysts. It shows how to analyze businesses, collect and study requirements, manage people, and communicate well with teams and partners.

13. Requirements Analysis and system design-Developing Information Systems with UML

The book provides an overview of the requirements analysis process and offers practical guidance on how to design effective systems that meet the needs of stakeholders. The book emphasizes stakeholder engagement in requirements analysis, guiding readers on identifying stakeholders and eliciting requirements. It includes real-world examples and practical tools for effective system design.

Project Datasets

14. Kaggle

There are a lot of datasets available on kaggle and a vibrant community to collaborate and learn from. Example dataset:


 A platform with a variety of data sources to sharpen your skills. It is a robust platform that serves as a centralized solution for managing datasets. It enables users to effortlessly discover relevant datasets through search and metadata management.  

Interview Preparation

16. LeetCode

Originally known for coding interviews, LeetCode now provides a dedicated section for SQL. Enhance your database query skills, essential for business analytics interviews, using their extensive question bank.

17. Glassdoor

Knowing the questions commonly asked in business analytics interviews is important. Glassdoor offers candidates' interview experiences, helping  preparation for specific companies and roles.


In conclusion, the business analytics domain offers a lot  of learning opportunities through YouTube channels, online courses, websites, and interview preparation platforms. Utilizing these resources will allow you to customize your learning journey to suit your preferences and accelerate your career. Good luck with your learning!

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