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March 8, 2024

2 Supply Chain Data Analytics Project Ideas for your Resume

Here are the top 2 Supply Chain Analytics Data Story use cases every beginner should know.

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It's becoming increasingly evident that managing supply chains is becoming more complex. While it poses challenges for businesses, it also holds significant potential.

According to a recent study, only approximately 22% of companies are genuinely adopting strategic approaches to their supply chain networks. This statistic serves as a wake-up call for many.

The logistics sector is a treasure trove of data. It sees a constant influx of information daily, and it falls upon data analysts like us to track and present this data to stakeholders, including supply chain managers.

Reporting goes beyond just presenting numbers and charts; it involves understanding the specific needs and preferences of the supply chain manager.

Fortunately, in this scenario, we can assist in identifying their requirements, desires, goals, and objectives, thereby providing them with the insights they seek.

Let's begin by delving into understanding the data better.

Project 1: Sales Channel Distribution Analysis

In this project, we will start by exploring the dataset and assess how the products are being distributed across different sales channels and what is performance of products by each of those distribution channels. Here are the 4 steps that we are going to follow to analyze the dataset:

1. Define User Persona for this Project

Let's say, for this use case our Business Persona will be - Distribution Manager. We will look into the data with a distribution manager perspective so that we have a starting point on how we perceive the data.

2. Design an Empathy Map

Once, let's get into the mind of our Distribution Manager with an Empathy Map:

3. Define Objective for Business Persona

Now, let’s define the objective of our Distribution Manager based on the empathy map we just created. Here are some objectives:

  • Identify trends and patterns in order quantities, sales, and product demand to optimize inventory levels.
  • Streamline distribution processes to reduce lead times and improve overall supply chain efficiency.
  • Evaluate the performance of different sales channels for Distribution (Online, D2C, etc.) and adjust strategies accordingly.

4. Identify your KPIs

Next, let's measure success with some KPIs:

KPI and Sales Performance Table
KPI Name Formula Description
Sales Volume Sum(OrderQty) Total units sold, reflecting market demand.
Market Penetration Rate (Sum(OrderQty of New Products) / Sum(OrderQty)) * 100 Percentage of new products sold compared to all products, indicating success of launches.
Discount Impact Average(Discount), Correlation(Discount with SalesValue and Profit) Average discount provided and its effect on sales volume and profitability.
Product Mix Diversity Count(Distinct ProductItemID), Sum(OrderQty) per ProductItemID Variety of products sold, indicating market reach and consumer preference diversity.
Geographic Market Share Sum(SalesValue) per State/City Sales distribution across different regions, showing market dominance.
Sales Channel Effectiveness Sum(OrderQty) and Sum(Profit) per SalesChannel Performance of different sales channels in terms of volume and profitability.

Finally, let's ask some burning questions during our Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA):

1. How different channels of distribution are contributing to overall sales? 

2. What are the top brands selling across each channel?

3. How is our cost per unit and average margin percentage distributed across channels?

4. What kind of packaging is making the most profit across different channels? Is there any packaging type that we need to consider?

5. How are tetra packs performing across the country in terms of Sales and Profits?

Explore full Sales Channel Distribution Analysis Data Story Here👇
Slideshow Demo
Distribution Analysis Project
Dataset Link

Project 2: Logistic Optimization Analysis

This project focuses on optimizing logistics and customer satisfaction. Through advanced data visualization, it examines shipping times, costs, and order fulfillment efficiency to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall shipping performance in the retail superstore.

1. Define User Persona for this Project

Let's say, for this use case our Business User will be - Logistics Optimization Manager

2. Design an Empathy Map

Once, let's get into the mind of our Logistics Optimization Manager with an Empathy Map:

3. Define Objective for the use case

And now, let’s define the objective based on the Logistics Optimization Manager Empathy Map

Objective : The objective is aimed at delving into shipping data to enhance cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Shipping costs are a substantial expenditure for businesses, and optimizing these costs is crucial for overall financial performance.

4. Identify your KPI's

Next, let's measure success with some KPIs:

KPI and Sales Performance Table
KPI Formula Decision It Can Help Drive
Profit Margin by Ship Mode (Profit / Revenue) * 100 Measure profitability for each shipping mode, optimizing resource allocation.
Year-over-Year Growth in Same-Day Shipments ((Current - Previous) / Previous) * 100 Evaluate efficiency and growth of same-day delivery services.
Lost Sales Opportunities in Underperforming Regions (Expected - Actual) / Expected Identify areas for improvement in underperforming regions.
Category Contribution to Regional Performance (Category Revenue / Total Region Revenue) * 100 Assess contribution of each category to regional sales.
Profitability of Technology Subcategory in Same-Day Shipments (Profit / Revenue) * 100 Measure profit margin for same-day delivery of technology products.

Finally, let's ask some burning questions during our Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA):

1. What Are My Sales And Profit By Ship Mode?

2. How Are My Sales And Profit Performing Yearly On Same-Day Ship Mode?

3. Which Region Is Not Performing On Same-Day Mode In 2023?

4. What Is Category Wise Impact In South Region In Year 2023?

5. Technology Subcategory Profit And Sales In South Region Same Day 2023?

Explore full Ship Mode Analysis Data Story Here👇
Slideshow Demo
Ship Mode Analysis Project
Dataset Link

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